irregular heartbeat

arythmie cardiaque, perturbations du rythme cardiaque, troubles du rythme cardiaque

English-French dictionary of labour protection . 2015.

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  • heartbeat — [härt′bēt΄] n. 1. a) one pulsation, or full contraction and dilation, of the heart b) the continuous series of such pulsations constituting the rhythmic beating of the heart [an irregular heartbeat] 2. a very brief period of time; moment; instant …   English World dictionary

  • irregular — [[t]ɪre̱gjʊlə(r)[/t]] irregulars 1) ADJ GRADED If events or actions occur at irregular intervals, the periods of time between them are of different lengths. Cars passed at irregular intervals... She was taken to hospital suffering from an… …   English dictionary

  • Irregular — Something that is irregular does not follow the expected pattern. The term is used in many different fields, with quite different meanings.* In astronomy, an astronomical object whose shape or behavior varies considerably from the archetype is… …   Wikipedia

  • heartbeat — UK [ˈhɑː(r)tˌbiːt] / US [ˈhɑrtˌbɪt] noun Word forms heartbeat : singular heartbeat plural heartbeats 1) [countable] the movement or sound of your heart as it makes blood flow round your body The doctor listened to my heartbeat. an irregular… …   English dictionary

  • irregular — ir|reg|u|lar1 [ıˈregjulə US ər] adj 1.) having a shape, surface, pattern etc that is not even, smooth, or balanced = ↑uneven ≠ ↑regular ▪ a jagged, irregular coastline ▪ It has a highly irregular shape, covered in bumps and indentations. 2.) not… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • heartbeat — heart|beat [ hart,bit ] noun 1. ) count the movement or sound of your heart as it pumps blood around your body: The doctor listened to my heartbeat. an irregular heartbeat 2. ) LITERARY a moment in a heartbeat used for saying that you are willing …   Usage of the words and phrases in modern English

  • irregular — adjective 1) irregular features an irregular coastline Syn: asymmetrical, nonuniform, uneven, crooked, misshapen, lopsided, twisted; unusual, peculiar, strange, bizarre; jagged, ragged, serrated, indented …   Thesaurus of popular words

  • irregular — 1. adjective 1) an irregular coastline Syn: uneven, crooked, misshapen, lopsided, asymmetrical, twisted 2) irregular surfaces Syn: rough, bumpy, uneven, pitted, rutted …   Synonyms and antonyms dictionary

  • heartbeat — noun ADJECTIVE ▪ steady ▪ irregular ▪ racing, rapid ▪ She was suddenly aware of her racing heartbeat. VERB + HEARTBEAT …   Collocations dictionary

  • irregular — 1 adjective 1 having a shape, surface, pattern etc that is not even, smooth, or balanced: a face with irregular features | irregular handwriting 2 not happening at points in time that are at an equal distance from each other: His heartbeat… …   Longman dictionary of contemporary English

  • heartbeat — [[t]hɑ͟ː(r)tbiːt[/t]] heartbeats 1) N SING: oft poss N Your heartbeat is the regular movement of your heart as it pumps blood around your body. Your baby s heartbeat will be monitored continuously. 2) N COUNT A heartbeat is one of the movements… …   English dictionary

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